Cyber Security

Please note we have updated our services in order to provide a heightened focus on from-home external network access to ensure your network integrity is as secure as possible during the CoVID-19 working conditions.

Our cyber security division specializes in a wide range of services to protect both your business, and you as an individual against modern threats.

In the current day and age, threats to your electronic security and privacy of personal and company data can be the most devastating to your business. Even one breach of your network can cause chaos, lost revenue, and substantially damage your business revenue and reputation.

Brisbane Security Group have recently joined forces with a team of experienced digital security experts in order to provide top tier services to you and your business.

In addition to network penetration testing, online identity footprint removal and our dynamic cloud-based security monitoring we can offer the following services.

Corporate and Networked Systems

  • Network vulnerability and penetration testing
  • PCI dss spec based penetration testing
  • Secure comms systems and ip protection measures
  • Advisory analysis and consulting
  • Human breach testing services (partner)
  • Service bundling and secure hosting environment advisory services
  • Cybersecurity as a managed service - monthly, weekly or quarterly automated testing and reporting
  • CS integrated dashboard to view live metrics on penetration test results and potential breaches/unusual activity integrated into customer's systems
  • Reverse lookup, intruder location

Individual/Personal Security

  • Individual personnel identity protection and vulnerability monitoring
  • Online footprint and identity erasure

Other system and security services

  • Data vault design & encryption services
  • Server and network penetration testing
  • Network vulnerability scanning
  • "White-hat" hacking services
  • Info tech systems audits and documentation
  • Workflow optimisation and design
  • Cisco network security
  • Apache, IIS server security scanning and reconfiguration
  • IIS and Windows server security scanning and reconfiguration
  • Card present & Card not present automated banking services integration and development
  • Infrastructure deployment, VM services
  • IOT hardware integration and api interconnectivity
  • MVC and web appliation development/deployment
  • Supply chain, procurement and logistics security
  • RFID to web and physical device interoperability development